140412 FRaU | Interview  w/ Donghae & Eunhyuk

Q: What kinds of asian food do you like and what kind of things make you happy?

EH: When super junior are on world tour, we always taste the local cuisine. The food I’d especially recommend is the chilli crab we eat every time we go to singapore (crab fried with (chilli) crab is singapore’s specialty dish). Usually we don’t go out of the restuarant, but last year for the first time we went shopping on the streets, and i think that the chilli crab we tried is really the best. This time touring japan with donghae, I also look forward to trying the speciality dishes of each city. I especially like eating the okonomiyaki in hiroshima.

DH: Everytime we go overseas, we always enjoy the local cuisine. So far the places we go often or the place we stay for the longest is probably china in general. This tour is conducted all over Japan, and so regardless of the delicious food, the most important thing is still to thank the staff for their careful preparation, that’s why we are here today and why we have an enthusiastic way of thinking.

Q: In korea, other than seoul, is there any place you would recommend?
EH: My home is Incheon which is really close to the sea, so that’s why i’ve always really liked the sea. and so of course, I’m very adept at swimming. On the eastern part of korea, there are a lot of beaches I’d like to recommend, I wish everyone would definitely go there to take a look. For example the beach view at Gyeongpodae (?), the tombs around Gangwon (?) are also very nice. Those places, not to mention the waters, the view is also very beautiful. I myself have also driven to go look at the sea. Listening to the sound of the waves, gazing into the ocean it is really nice, and also the stores along the beach with their shell-grilled (?) barbecue is also very nice.

DH: Listening to him i think he has already introduced the whole place already, I want to recommend the place which hosts the "Jeonju International Film Festival". Jeonju International Film festival became famous because of the gathering of movie fans. During the period of the film festival, many actors and directors all come to Jeonju, and will also hold some activities. This year it’s being held from May 1st to 10th, actually, the movie I filmed in january this year has also been chosen. Of course, I will also go. Everyone must come ah~ and so let’s meet in Jeonju!

Eunhyuk & Donghae Messages to each other:
In regards to donghae, there is nothing that I dont know about him - Eunhyuk

Eunhyuk’s charm is probably that when I’m together with him, I can feel at ease - Donghae

"No matter what, will always do their utmost in their 2-person subunit"
Q: As a subunit, and having released an official full album and now in the midst of a japan tour, what kind of thoughts do you have?
DH: To be able to hold a concert with just 2 people, I really feel very grateful. I feel that this tour is also like a present given to us by the fans.

EH: I’m very happy to be able to meet all the fans in all the different cities. Before concerts, we learn the dialects of each different city, and will definitely talk (in the dialect) during MC periods. In osaka we said “めっちゃ好きやねん” (I super like you), in Hiroshima we said “ぶっち愛しとるけえ” (I really love you), like this kind. *laughs*

Q: How did you feel during the recording of [Ride Me]?
EH: At the beginning, it literally took a whole day to record one song, then afterwards, we adjusted to singing this way (in jap).

DH: Although I dont know if Eunhyuk sang well or not *laughs*, but I know he is very hard-working. During recording, I also thought of other members who sing very well, especially the three members in KRY.

Q: because only two people, the time has also increased right?
EH: If there’s only 2 people, the feeling of responsibility is also different. During performances, it also has to have the same happy atmosphere as it is with Super Junior (as a whole), and so it always requires more energy.

DH: For the most part, 2 people activities tend to feel a bit more lonely. I always like to go to members’ rooms before sleeping, this time I can only go to Eunhyuk’s room. That’s why every night, I always play games with Eunhyuk.

EH: But, even though there is 2 people, there will still be times when we feel bored. And so at night in the hotel, we eat noodles to pass the time.

"The fetters of 2 people who have spent half their lifetimes with each other"
Q: This time after holding concerts with just the 2 of you, what are the good parts of each other you have rediscovered?
EH: Nothing has changed. Donghae is still the Donghae I’ve always known, he has never changed. He acts and talks just like how I imagine. Donghae is in the palm of my hand *laughs*.

DH: I also haven’t (rediscovered anything). I’ve known Eunhyuk for 15 years, to discover something new only just now is a bit…. but recently, I’ve discovered good aspects of where Eunhyuk and I are different. For example, when we were making the album this time, I prepare the songs that we want to sing, Eunhyuk is the one who goes to convince the company. I discovered that we have different strong points.

EH: Donghae has connections with (song)writers, if we want to sing a certain style of song, Donghae will go to plead with the songwriters to write this kind of song. Then me, I just take the completed song to the company and say it out directly.

DH: The things I can do and the things Eunhyuk is an expert in are different. I think we work together very well, don’t we. We are also of the same age, are also friends, although we have a lot in common, our style is different.

Q: You two really understand each other, what do you think are each other’s charms?
EH: Sometimes I think donghae is really like an idiot, these pure aspects are his charm. He is always very warm to those around him, and loved by all isn’t he.

DH: Eunhyuk’s charm, is that he’s very interesting?

EH: I just knew you would say it like this.

DH: I’ve been found out *laughs* Eunhyuk’s charms, is that being with him makes me feel very relieved, people meeting him for the first time will also say he is very intimate (as in very easy to get close to n_n;;), which is opposite to me, people meeting me for the first time say they don’t understand my nature. I really envy him.

Q: What are the future goals of SJ’s Donghae & Eunhyuk?
EH: The tour this time is actually quite hard, of course we have the support of staff, but we feel we have worked hard and attained our very first goal. in the future if we have things we want to achieve, we would like it achieve it by our own thinking. I want to go and perform at even bigger venues. Some time, I would like to have an asia tour.

DH: I also want to be together with Eunhyuk in the future anyways, we will continue this subunit forever. I have already been together with Eunhyuk for half my life. I hope it will be like this for the rest of my life *laughs*

JP - CHI: 亲亲赫宰_StillEunHaeOppa, Bunny0904, 掌心witheunhae
ENG: mish_shellx

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